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Now this is scary!

Fraudsters fake the voice of a CEO to trick a manager in to transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds! Do you have a business culture that ensures staff would feel confident to challenge an order from the CEO? Do you have the checks and balances in place to deal identify and prevent this happening in […]

What is Transformation?

Transformation takes many forms and is generally a misunderstood term. For me transformation is simply ‘changing’ your business from one thing to another. This could be from an underperforming business to profitable business, or much more fundamentally, changing your business from one type to another. Transformation is such a big topic I find it useful […]

Time to fight!

Its time to fight for your business! Fight for your freedom from the endless drudgery of 24/7 entrepreneurship. Time to fight for equality of resources with the biggest organisations on the planet. It’s time to join the digital revolution! And super charge what you and your business can do. I get really frustrated sometimes. Especially when […]

So, the fines and penalties begin to build

Industry has been waiting to see if GDPR had gone the way of other legislation/regulation – that is, it came in to force, but it was not constantly and persistently enforced so too many organisations didn’t pro-actively develop the processes and procedures they should have. Case in point, is the Data Protection Act of 1998. […]

Why you should consider a virtual DPO

Why should you consider employing a Virtual Data Protection Officer? There’s a pretty strong case… GDPR and data protection in general are complicated beasts. The regulations are in the form of a framework meaning that there has already been much debate as to what section refers to what. And worse, there are conflicting ideas about […]

Trust is the new Marketing

Trust in a business, it’s name or its brand, is the single most important attribute for it to have today. Its a rough, tough place out there on the internet. Fake News, Post Truth, PR, Spin, call it what you like. Its very difficult to work out whats right and wrong any more. Up is […]