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GDPR For Landscapers

As a landscaper, your first thought isn’t likely about the implications of GDPR on your landscaping business. After all, what does data have to do with water features or seed planting? However, like many other businesses, landscapers have to collect personal information, store it, access it, and even share it with third parties in  some […]

Specialist System Integrations: Can you help?

Fellow professionals, I’m new to your market vertical, but highly experienced in other more established markets. I hope some of you might help me? I’m looking to tap into your collective experience. I have been contracted by an organisation that is a specialist system integrator based in the UK that has significant experience in other […]

Corona Virus & Technology: The Icelandic volcano eruption on March 20th 2010, was the trial run, but we didn’t know It

In 2010 there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland. It was majorly disruptive, but for only part of society and business. This disruption was bad, but it was a trial run, for the times we now find ourselves in.   International business travel, the transport of goods and hospitality were affected for some months. Airlines […]

Now this is scary!

Fraudsters fake the voice of a CEO to trick a manager in to transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds! Do you have a business culture that ensures staff would feel confident to challenge an order from the CEO? Do you have the checks and balances in place to deal identify and prevent this happening in […]