Specialist System Integrations: Can you help?

Fellow professionals, I’m new to your market vertical, but highly experienced in other more established markets. I hope some of you might help me?

I’m looking to tap into your collective experience. I have been contracted by an organisation that is a specialist system integrator based in the UK that has significant experience in other vertical markets and wants to develop new relationships and partnerships with product or solutions providers, supplying Industry 4.0 / SMART factory solutions into the UK.

The organisation has been operating for 30+ years and has a UK base. They deploy hardware and software solutions and associated management systems into a number of more established vertical markets. They have the enviable position, of being tier 1 suppliers into significant service providers and are experts in integrating new and legacy technology. Many existing deployments demand high availability and reliability as the applications are deemed mission critical by most clients.

The client has a 24×7 hour help desk, their own warehouse facilities with build and test/integration facilities too. Perhaps, unusually, both indoor and outdoor installation expertise resides in the installation organisation.

Their expertise includes, but is not limited to; IP, Radio/Rf, GNSS, Sensors/probes, data analytics and Cyber technologies, API’s, operating systems, software applications and Project Management together with hardware installation for outdoor RF devices/antennas as well as routers/switches and servers).

I’m looking for your help and guidance in the following ways;

  1. Do you know an organisation who’s looking for, a very technical, local territory partner, to help you sell/deploy and support their offering? If so, could you signpost or connect us?

  2. Are you a Business Developer in an organisation who’s looking for a technical, local territory partner, to help you sell/deploy and support your offering? If so, I’d love to have a virtual coffee with you to explore possibilities.

  3. Are you a customer organisation, looking to solve technical challenges in this space and are struggling to find a solution? Again, if so, I’d love to have a virtual coffee with you to understand, your requirements.

Thank you. Shukran. Gracias. Danke. Merci. Arigato.

Christopher Roberts
Senior Researcher and Partnership Manager