The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has recently published an intriguing paper highlighting the current and future cyber security threats that sports organisations are facing.

These threats aren’t limited to NGBs (National Governing Bodies), but affect the industry in its entirety. Some of the key highlights are displayed below;

What’s incuded in the NCSC Cyber Security Report?

Some of the key topics and headers include;

Threat Overview; Nature of the threat, Nation-State Involvement and Major Events

Attack Trends; Business Email Compromise, Cyber Enabled Fraud and Ransomware

Venue Security; Attack Opportunities, Key Technical Control Implementation and Security Mitigation

Risk Management & Industry Trends; How important is Cyber Security. Who provides leadership and risk management guidance

Interested in reading ithe report? Download the PDF here and get all of the information you need regarding the NCSCs findings into the cyber risks facing sports organisations.