DPOrganizer - Chris Roberts - Watercooler

Chris joins DP Organizer’s Watercooler

Chris Roberts, the owner of Cybata has joined DPOrganizer’s watercooler community project to help people and organisations understand the world of data protection.

What is the DPOrganizer’s watercooler?

Watercooler is a community founded and curated by DPOrganizer, a Stockholm-based privacy tech company that’s helping organisations all around the globe build value-adding privacy programs.

It is their effort to bring together every professional who’s facing a challenge to get answers to their data protection questions, and get them quickly. We see three key components that were needed to make this happen:

  1. The community has to be free and open to everyone
  2. Askers have to have the option to be anonymous
  3. Questions and answers need to be short and to the point

The purpose of the watercool is to remove barriers to advice, and allowing anonymity for askers who are afraid they’ll ask “stupid questions”.

Professionals can get answers from peers who’ve been in the exact same situation. Not only does this help the individual who asked, but other people who have the same challenges can see that they’re not alone – and together, build a stronger network of professionals.

How is Chris invovled?

Chris is anaswering your data protection and GDPR questions.

You can find his Watercooler profile and the answers he has given here: https://watercooler.community/profile/chrrob/

If you want to ask a question (anonymously or not) about your business you can do so here: https://watercooler.community/