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Who enforces data protection legislation in the UK?

Who enforces the Data Protection Act? Who enforces UK GDPR? And who can you ask about data protection legislation?    Who enforces the UK’s Data Protection Act?  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is an executive public body used to enforce and regulate the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA). The ICO uphold information rights, promote openness by public […]

What is a data complex business? – An Interview

Is your business data complex? How do you even know? In this interview with Chris, Director a Cybata, we uncover what data complexity means for you and your business. This interview is focused on GDPR, Data Management, Data Processes and Data Protection.   Interviewer: What is data complexity? And how does that impact upon individual […]

How do I communicate with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office)?

So, you’ve received a ‘scary’ email from the ICO (information Comissioners Office), you now need to consider how you communicate with them after. Fellow independent GDPR consultant, Adrian Dray and I, were catching up recently and the conversation turned to interactions with regulators, and specifically here in the UK, the ICO for Data Protection matters. […]

Chris joins DP Organizer’s Watercooler

Chris Roberts, the owner of Cybata has joined DPOrganizer’s watercooler community project to help people and organisations understand the world of data protection. What is the DPOrganizer’s watercooler? Watercooler is a community founded and curated by DPOrganizer, a Stockholm-based privacy tech company that’s helping organisations all around the globe build value-adding privacy programs. It is their […]