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Ten Brilliant Data Articles You Might Have Missed

Here at Cybata we are big fans of the Data IQ blog and here is a great aggregation post from them that highlights some of the great articles they have run this year. We’ll give you a quick insight and some detail on each, but its well worth popping over for a look yourself. A good high quality resource.

Consumer preference, business compliance – the new GDPR deal

While consumers increasingly want to restrict their data sharing with online services, brands need to map when and where they have captured that personal information. As a result, regtech is emerging as both and enabler of consumer rights and a driver of compliance. New DataIQ Research revealed where that deal needs to be struck, as David Reed reports

News analysis: Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and GDPR

Claims about manipulation of the Brexit referendum and the US presidential election at first seemed fanciful. Then a whistleblower revealed how it was done and the ICO stepped in. David Reed reports on what happened next.

Show me the maths! “Weapons of Math Destruction” review

The subtitle of O’Neil’s book, “How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy,” may  sound somewhat far-fetched, but as Toni Sekinah finds out, the author makes a very solid case for both.

Data and analytics from “ward to board”

When hospital staff are freed up from data gathering, they have more time to give to their patients. This was the key message from Mark Singleton of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust. He detailed how the Trust has become more data literate year-by-year. Toni Sekinah reports. 

Data-driven race training amped up by AI

Runners and joggers can now benefit from AI-powered coaching to help them steer clear of injuries and hit their personal bests. Toni Sekinah speaks to David Brownlee, the chief technology officer of TrainAsONE, about how the system uses data to personalise each training plan and how in the future running workouts could be prescribed to improve general health and wellbeing.

Technically educating the digital workforce of tomorrow

The country’s newest further education college in 23 years saw its first cohort of students receive their grades last month. Toni Sekinah spoke to Tom Fogden, dean and chief operating officer at Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, about the missions of the educational institution and how the curriculum is preparing students for 21st Century careers.

Incoming data talent: a student perspective

Despite concern about the limited supply of home-grown talent feeding into the UK’s data industry, there are young Brits who are excited and enthusiastic about the idea of working in data. Toni Sekinah speaks to post-graduate Chris Storey about what got him interested in the subject, what he learnt at university and how he wants his career to progress in the data field.

Hunt further, be innovative, pay less – how to fix the data and analytics recruitment problem

Second only to GDPR, recruitment may be the biggest challenge facing data and analytics functions. So is the answer diversity, recruitment strategies, different pay structures? To find out, DataIQ Summit this year featured a panel of three data leaders who explained how they are tackling their talent acquisition problems.

Why adding ethics to tech spells success with AI

A new report on successful deployment of artificial intelligence shows that ethics and human review are at the heart of successful use cases. Dr Iain Brown discussed the findings with DataIQ and explained why fear of the future should be replaced with acceptance of augmentation.

The new left data policy – more open, regulated and commonly-shared

If you are going to fix the UK economy, you need to think digital – and that means deciding what to do about data. IPPR has done just that in a new report on improving prosperity and justice for all. So what would it mean for the data industry if its ten-point plan were actually to be adopted? David Reed considers.