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Training without slides – what were we thinking about?

I suspect we’ve all experienced the feelings of despondency when we have been sitting in a training course that has switched us “off”?  A poor trainer, poor material are typically the major causes but a poor training environment and contributes too.

How interested we are in the topic is also a significant contributory factor in the value we get out of training. If we are interested in the topic, we’ll typically be prepared to invest our time in attending and trying to stay engaged with the narrative being shared. In the era of increasing Cyber-attacks, data breaches and fraud, organisations have important lessons to share in their businesses but how many members of their staff are really interested or passionate about Data Security, Privacy and Cyber Security?  ‘Not enough’ is the answer.

For this very reason we are delivering more of our training without a projector and slides!  We use card games, apps on tablets and play interactive and immersive scenarios (think Escape-rooms) to deliver the key messages we are asked to deliver by our clients. Why does this work?

It works because we all absorb more information when we are enjoying ourselves. We absorb more because dopamine is released and it helps us remember the experience and the messages shared. Take a moment to think where you last had a great time, dopamine played its part in that recall!

Our sessions get delegates out of their chairs, working with colleagues or attendees from other businesses to explore how poor data governance and cyber security can impact us all, in both our personal and our work lives.  Remember your records of training are important as evidence of your defensible position should the ICO or others have need to investigate!

If you’re looking for engaging training that will make a difference to your organisation please make contact, If you know of someone else who wants to try something different please share.

Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their experiences.

I’ve worked with Chris through Age Connects Morgannwg for the past 2 years, as we developed our GDPR plans and training. Chris is a great communicator is a specialist in Cyber and Data Protection. He delivers engaging and exciting workshops that are suitable for senior managers, Boards of Directors and staff alike. Highly recommend

The escape-rooms training was a great way to either introduce people to, or refresh their understanding of cyber security topics. The recap at the end showed how much we had covered in the session, somewhat unknowingly as you were having fun! The session was well laid out and makes a refreshing change from PowerPoint lectures or e-learning.

Escape rooms provided us with lots of valuable information on how there are many ways that the organisation is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, hacking and data breeches – we learnt whilst having fun!

Just to say a big thank you for the escape room run in Cardiff for the XXXX IT team, we all found really engaging and challenging and can see this being a very useful tool to increase staff awareness in the world of Cyber Security. You and your team provided a fulfilling challenging experience that would benefit people vastly. I am going to be promoting this to our Senior Management Team in the next meeting I am attending and look forward to future engagements with you.