5 great apps that keep your kids secure online

In many ways the fact our kids are so digitally savvy these days is a real blessing. But the ‘always on’ nature of the internet coupled with parents not really being up to speed with where the kids are hanging out online, means it’s harder than ever to keep a track on the little dears. And what they might be up to!

Here are five apps designed to help keep them safe that it’s worth having a look at.


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Not only can Qustodio tell you how long your children are spending online, it can also tell you where they arte spending there time too. Maybe they are on Facebook longer than you’d like, or snap chatting a little too much. Well this is the app to help you see whats happening. You can view search terms used, and also block certain site from use.


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As the name implies screen limit can manage the amount of screen time our little angels are able to access. It’s pretty clever in that it will allow a bit longer on the educational apps you might prefer, and limit times on games for instance. You can control this access from the comfort of your own phone, and even send a little reminder via the app, thats its time to switch off and go to bed!

Net Nanny

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Net Nanny is all about comprehensive controls. It actually provides the fully customisable browser through which your child access the web. Simply build a profile for the child, that covers things like what sites they can visit and blocks anything you’d prefer that they stay away from. You can even get going quickly with one of the pre determined profiles. Useful if you are intimidated by setting the controls yourself. It has features like profanity masking and multiple filters, and it’s trusted by hundreds of thousands of parents all over the world.


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Funamo makes sure that the safe search feature of Google, Bing, and others actually work. A neat trick if you’ve ever tried to use the native versions in the search engines to keep the kids safe. It’s got keyword and search filters helping you to ban certain product, or topics from the results the kids can look for. Its pretty comprehensive too, providing time limits, logging calls and SMS messages as well as logging location data. Full piece of mind.

Norton Family Premier Parental Control

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Norton comes from a place where they are trying to teach kids good, safe habits online, not just preventing access to things. Parents can set the usual limits, and do so across multiple devices too. It also allows for the filtering of search results and location logging. Different profiles for each child allows for varying degrees of control. Useful if you’ve little ones, tweens, or teens at the same time. You can track searches and visited websites and usefully immediately switch off apps. You get full reports as time goes on, meaning you can also adjust the settings to keep up with the little darlings too.